Paul D. 5/5 stars (click to see this review on Yelp):

08/14/2012 On a 102 degree day Mike was fresh, energetic welcoming and swift to mount and balance my tires. He suggested I go hang at the (air conditioned) Starbucks across the street (which any sane person would have done) but I sat and watched him work. A one man band but I was in and out in 45 minutes with perfectly mounted tires. His final price was ten-fifteen dollars less than the Tire Rack guarantee. This is a highly recommended shop and I speak as someone who has bought/had mounted a lot of tires since 1967

Silvio D. 5/5 Stars (click to see this review on Yelp):

07/31/2012 Three words.  This guy rules…  Honest, reliable and fast.  I have been going to him for years with our cars.  I purchase the tires, and he balances and aligns.  Also, installed the shocks to my Mom’s Camry at a very reasonable price.

Tobias I. 5/5 Stars (click to see this review on Yelp):

07/01/2012 I needed just one tire for my ’08 Toyota Highlander Limited.  I contacted my usual tire guy, he totally blew me off — think he didn’t want to be bothered doing just one tire.  So I hit up Consumer Reports on-line, found the tire that they recommend, ordered it from Tire Rack, and had it shipped directly to Mike’s Alignment.

A few days later, Mike left me a voice-mail saying that the tire’s arrived and I should call to make an appointment.  (He actually called me before Tire Rack even e-mailed me the delivery confirmation.)  A couple days after that, I happened to be in the area with a few hours to kill, so I stopped by without an appointment, thinking I’d probably have a lengthy wait ahead of me.  Nope.  In-and-out in less than fifteen minutes.  Mike was fast, friendly, clearly experienced and skilled, and gave me no pushy “up-sells.”  Los Angeles is a mine-field of incompetent and dishonest mechanics, and I’m thrilled to finally find one that’s thoroughly professional and has integrity.

My family’s got three cars and I’ll definitely be bringing them to Mike’s over the next year for tires.

Mike B. 5/5 Stars (click to see this review on Yelp):

06/01/2012 Like many other reviewers here, I purchased tires from and had them delivered to Mike’s for installation.

Installation was pretty straightforward, I was in and out in less than 45 minutes. While the wheels were off, Mike took a quick look at my brakes and let me know my rear ones were wearing down, but he wasn’t pushy and didn’t try to oversell me on anything. He and his employee were very friendly and I would have no problem trusting them to do more work on my car in the future

Udo K. 5/5 Stars (click to see this review on Yelp):

05/23/2012 A few months ago I took my BMW 325i there to get the new wheels & tire package mounted and aligned. Mike did a great job, fast and friendly. He pointed out that one of the front control arms had a worn out bushing and needed replacement. After I did that (myself) I took the car back to get another alignment. Again… fast, friendly, and professional service. I gave him my credit card to pay for it and he respectfully declined to charge me for the second alignment. I will be back for all my car needs he can handle!


Jared M. 5/5 Stars (click to see this review on Yelp):

02/16/2012 Mike is the best! I purchased wheels from Tire Rack and had them shipped to his shop. He called me immediately after they arrived.

I also had him install the new tires on rims I purchased along with lowering springs. He quoted me a price and it was less than I expected. Service was great and fast. I highly recommended Mike and his services.

Best part, he let me keep my old wheels and tires there for a couple days to get a truck. I wasn’t able to get one so I showed up with my car. He insisted I use his truck instead of my car. Talk about customer service!


Do yourself a favor and go see Mike for your car needs. Great man and service!



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