New Alignment System!!!

Posted: December 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

Introducing the newest member to the Mikes Alignment family, the HawkEye Elite Alignment System!!! This NEW system has just arrived in my garage and I am so excited to tell you that alignments are going to me faster and more efficient then ever! This new system basically does the alignment for me.

— Its lightweight wheel adapters help with easy attachment and fast installation plus:

– It grips to the tire. No metal to metal contact to ensure a scratch less alignment.

– It’s secure to ensure a more accurate alignment.

– Fits to any car to ensure universal service for all makes and models

– And it cuts the labor time in half to ensure that you are getting an awesome alignment for a reasonable price

But besides that, this new alignment system has an inflation station which allows me inflate your tires as I do the alignment! You get inflated tires and more accurate alignment that will surely last you a while. Two separate jobs that consume more time, done in one quick and easy step in half the time.

Click here to make an appointment and come to experience this wonderful new technology. For more information on this new alignment system, click here.


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